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Arduino-Powered Foosball Scoreboard (Part 2)

This is part 2 of 2 in my post about my Arduino-Powered foosball scoreboard. Here’s a link to part 1. After building the first Arduino-powered foosball scoreboard, I was really excited. I showed it off to coworkers, friends, and family, and I also posted about it online. I got some great feedback, and started thinking about […]

Build Instructions: TinyLoadr Shield Kit

Note: The ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield has a new name: TinyLoadr Shield! Read more about it here. These are the build instructions for the ArduinoISP Deluxe TinyLoadr Shield kit. These instructions assume that the user has a basic knowledge of soldering. If you do not know how to solder, then check out this great guide by Sparkfun before continuing.

TinyLoadr Shield Updated!

Now with LED indicators (heartbeat, error, and programming) and ATtiny2313/4313 support!

ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield

Tired of using a breadboard and setting it up with a crystal and caps every time I wanted to program a barebones ATmega328P or an ATtiny, I decided to make this shield.