June, 2013 Archive

Monday Experiment: Bootloading an ATmega32u4 with Arduino

A month or two ago I ordered some of Atmel’s ATmega32u4 microcontrollers to play around with. I was excited to get them, but at the time I was really busy at work, so I quickly forgot about them. Last Friday I received some TQFP44 breakout boards and decided to spend some time this past weekend […]

Sneak peak: TinyLoadr Shield 3.0 prototype

Note: The ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield has a new name: TinyLoadr Shield!┬áRead more about it here. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but one thing I’ve been playing with is an experimental new version of my ArduinoISP Deluxe TinyLoadr Shield. Here’s a sneak peak at the bare PCB. FYI, all of those traces are hand-routed. This is […]

New Theme!

I was getting pretty tired of the old look of this blog, so I decided to bring it back to life with a new theme. Please bare with me while I tweak the look of it over the next little while. All the posts are still here, at the same URLs, so don’t worry. Hopefully […]