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Introducing the TinyLoadr AVR Breakout

Shortly after I decided to make the TinyLoadr AVR Programmer, I had an idea for another project. While the programmer works well, some people prefer using their own AVR programmer, be it a cheap USBasp or an AVRISP mkII. There are plenty of ATmega and ATtiny breakout boards, but none (that I could find) that supported multiple AVRs […]

Introducing the TinyLoadr AVR Programmer

I finally finished the next version of my TinyLoadr AVR programming Shield – and it’s not a shield. It’s a standalone USB programmer, so you no longer have to have an extra Arduino laying around. The best part? It’s the same price as the shield was! Read more to find out more about it, or […]

“ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield” is now “TinyLoadr Shield”

When I made the first prototype for my ATtiny and ATmega programming shield, I decided to call it the ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield. “ArduinoISP” came from the fact that it would rely on the ArduinoISP sketch in order to be useful, and the “Deluxe” part was because while there were already other ATmega or ATtiny programming […]

New Theme!

I was getting pretty tired of the old look of this blog, so I decided to bring it back to life with a new theme. Please bare with me while I tweak the look of it over the next little while. All the posts are still here, at the same URLs, so don’t worry. Hopefully […]

ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield

Tired of using a breadboard and setting it up with a crystal and caps every time I wanted to program a barebones ATmega328P or an ATtiny, I decided to make this shield.