nRF24l01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Arduino Transceiver Code

The nRF24l01+ transceiver is a fantastic and cheap way to get your Arduinos talking to each other wirelessly. It’s also very easy to use thanks to some great libraries:

Each library has some great examples and is fairly well documented, especially the RF24 libraries.

Feel free to download the libraries and use the included examples – they are fairly well documented. Also be sure to check out Maniacbug’s website which has some great posts on the nRF24l01+ modules.

Also, here’s a pinout that will prove to be very helpful:


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  1. I just wanted to verify the pin numbering before wiring up a header socket…

    I believe that the pin with the yellow box is #1, then 2 is across from it to the left as pictured, and 3 is above it. The whole layout is then:
    8 7
    6 5
    4 3
    2 1
    as shown in your image.

    Gus Michel

    • That is correct. There are small numbers on the pins in the picture above but they are a little hard to see.

    • Thanks! To my 50+ year-old eyes, they looked like part of the solder contour. With a few ctrl++’s, I see what you’re talking about.

  2. I would like to know whether this Arduino connect to each other can send information or data to a particular phone or computer? What I am indicating is there’s an Arduino connected to temperature sensor 1KM away would like to send data to the Arduino connected to the computer. Can the two Arduino do it?Thanks in advance. I have some problems regarding to ur older post about connecting motorola mobile phone to Arduino but the comment section is closed. Do u have any idea how we can connect with each other? thank you and hope to hear from u soon.

    your sincerely,

    • There are tonnes of options for this. I suggest looking at the Arduino forums, the Arduino subreddit on reddit, or any other Arduino forums out there. You could do this in a number of ways from using 3G/GSM units, xbees, or other long range radios.

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